Saturday, February 2, 2013

38 weeks: PSYCH.

So.  The thing is (actually, the things are):

1- I have said from the first trimester, this pregnancy is identical to Gracie, nothing like Katie.  This baby will be late.

2- I also always, always roll my eyes when people say their doctor has told them to expect an early baby, because THEY DO NOT KNOW, and I think it is really kind of mean to tell a woman that when she's in some of the more miserable weeks of her life.  "It will end early!  oh wait ha ha I do not actually know that." 

And yet.  I panicked!  because I was not ready!  And I thought, ho shit, I need my hair cut and the baby has no place to sleep and I was going to get my toes prettied!  and I want a February baby! 

And not only did he not come, he did not even pretend he was going to come.  Which is, seriously, GOOD.  Great, even.  But I am totally annoyed that I let myself worry about it and stress about it, and I'm EXTRA annoyed because, naturally, this week I crossed the border from "hmmm.  this pregnancy is not terribly fun" to "dear god deliver me from the restless legs and lumbago and the xiphoid process that has been set on fire with a 10 lb weight hanging from it and bees that spit fire attacking the weight". 

And seriously.  I hate to complain.  It's really annoying when pregnant women complain.  Pregnancy is difficult.  You are growing a human.  IN YOUR BODY.  It's supposed to suck a little bit.  And anyway, complaining never changed any of it.  And babies come when babies come.  Or they don't, and they're eventually forced out.  And I have never gotten that far...

....but I'm actually thinking I might get that far this time.  I mean, sigh.  I wish I had a 38 week picture from Gracie for comparison, because check out the bullet this week:

curled up slightly on his side, somewhere near my esophagus
Compared to 38 weeks with Katie, the last picture I have because she came out a few days after this picture was taken.

OK, so it's a slightly different angle? I think?  I dunno.  I am pretty sure Stosh is snuggled in til some of the snow melts. I scheduled an ultrasound for my 40 week appt, and they'll schedule an induction for 7-10 days post-dates, just in case.  I was calling the 17th and Stephen chose the 15th.  Then one of my friends pointed out he'll probably come on Valentine's Day, because leave it to a boy to make sure we never celebrate that again. Heh.  Hard to argue against that.

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