Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kim Chee

When my father got sick of just making pickles, he decided he needed to start making Kim Chee. He also decided the best way to ferment his cabbage (in an open stone crock) was to store it on our screened-in porch in July.

Our whole front yard smelled like rotting garbage. It was mortifying.

So, fast forward tweny-some years, and my father insists that I try it after I enjoy some really really good spicy cabbage at a restaurant in Chinatown. Still can't stand it- the floppy cabbage is really more than my texture issues can handle. My dad is totally thrilled my this news and offers to make kakdugi, which is a misspelling of radish kim chee.

It was really good!!! The Boy refused to touch the stuff (it really doesn't smell very good), but I ate a whole small bowl (well, almost. I had to cut myself off to avoid side effects). He sent me home with a jar, and I actually like it!


But, you know, theoretically, if you're going to eat this? You probably should not eat it before you go to run on the treadmill in your crowded, very poorly ventilated gym. You really can't brush your teeth enough to make the smell go away, and it's really mortifying. Theoretically.

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