Friday, April 11, 2008

Star Wars

It's totally cheesey. A big part of why I love it is because I loved it as a little kid. I mean, I know it's a classic, and it doesn't suffer from the truly horrible dialogue of the prequels, but overall, it's not exactly the Godfather.


If you watch it and think of our current political situation, it's hard to not walk away thinking George Lucas is psychic.

Young Luke Skywalker, radicalized by the loss of his aunt and uncle. The Imperial Council discussing how fear will suppress rebellion and keep people in line. And, of course, Dick Cheney's starring role under his most well-known pseudonym, Darth Vader. (His next-best known role being The Brain to Bush's Pinky.)

I hate to oversimplify, but come on. If they made this movie now, I'd be all, "Um, okay with the ANVILS, I get it already."

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