Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So here's a fun game.

Take my husband to the suburbs.

I'm not talking about Evanston or Oak Park or even Park Ridge, but the farther suburbs, like Aurora.

He is actually personally offended by them. I mean, he gets REALLY mad when he sees strip malls and Hobby Lobbies and whatnot.

I pointed this out to him this weekend and we both laughed and he still wasn't sure why they offend him so much, but they definitely do.

It defies explanation, but when you consider some of the seriously silly things people choose to get offended over sometimes, well, at least it's amusing.


Rae said...

That's interesting b/c Robbin hates urban sprawl. He wants to live in a city or on a ranch where he cannot see his neighbors..nothing inbetween.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Stephen doesn't explain it exactly that way, but now that you say that, he feels the exact same way. He obviously likes living in the city, and he sometimes talks about living in the middle of nowhere, but strip malls and tract housing are, like, the ultimate insult.