Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reverse Procrastination

You know how your dorm room/college apt was never, EVER as clean as it was during finals? Like, eat off the floor clean?

We're doing the opposite of that right now. We are SO SICK of cleaning the damn condo for showings, we are doing absolutely everything we should've done ages ago and had not done. This weekend, I finally put together a wedding album (just under eight months later, I am awesome), organized the pictures from all the pre-wedding festivities (pictures from the two showers, some over a year old, bachelorette, rehearsal) and threw away all the pictures I didn't want. Stephen wrote up his resume, finished about nine thousand pedals, and did his accounting for the business. We just cannot vacuum, dust, and mop one more time. The bathrooms have been cleaned so many times, I think we're going to wear the tile away.

My avoid-avoid conflict has become an "oh my god if this condo doesn't sell I will slit my wrists" situation. I am sick to death of the endless showings, particularly with the people who say, "Um, I liked it, but I dont' wanna live in that neighborhood." Then why did you come see it?!!!! Both second showings we had chose to go in another neighborhood. The person who was definitely buying in our building changed to "...or the West Loop, but really, yours was the nicest condo we saw all day." We have an awesome condo in a great neighborhood. I knew it wouldn't happen in one day, but I did not expect this much drama, to be perefctly honest. Part of me wants to say, screw it, we'll try again in another year, maybe things will be better then, but another part of me feels suicidal at the prospect of living in a loft with a newborn (even though many, many people in our building do it). Realistically, we need a basement for the business and a yard for the Sam.

I'm just really, really tired of vacuuming.

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