Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Round ligament pain is the devil.

I guess for the average person, this is uncomfortable. It turns out I must have the lowest pain threshold on earth.

Round ligament pain is really common in the second trimester. A few weeks ago, I was waking up during the night with bad right lower quadrant pain, and figured that was it. When it went away for a few weeks, I figured some, ah, dietary adjustments were resopnsible for the improvement, and it was not round ligament pain at all. This morning, I woke up at 5am in blinding pain. Hot shower, eating breakfast, walking around, none of it helped. Got to work, distraction didn't help either. I was entirely convinced that, in spite of a total absence of any peritoneal signs, I was clearly on the verge of appendiceal rupture. Then I noticed that the pain vanished if I sat for long enough. Ahhh, round ligament pain.

I ended up calling the doctor anyway, because, DAMN, it really hurts. Got a really great nurse on the phone (I am telling you, I am part of the awesomest profession on earth, because it is amazing how reassuring we can be when we do our job well. we RULE), who told me I was describing classic round ligament pain.

I did not realize until I hung up, the one common factor between now and two weeks ago when I had the pain? Running. I stopped for two weeks, between being hideously infested with virus and then exhausted from Heather's wedding, and the pain vanished. So far this week, I've run nine miles. I feel incredible- energized, clear-headed, sleeping like a baby- except for the searing pain in my abdomen, I'm GOOD. I'm going to ask my doctor if there is any correlation, because I really don't want to stop yet, but regardless of what she says, I feel like the answer is sort of obvious.

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