Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have a virus. It cannot decide whether it wants to be a head cold or a chest cold, so it decided to be become both. My head weighs nine hundred pounds, I have a small bonfire roaring in my chest, and I am FILLED with goo. Seriously, if we could find a way to use mucous as an alternative energy source, I would replace the Sultan of Brunei as the richest person in the universe.

I stayed home and slept all morning and now I am sitting on the couch, tearing through Puffs and watching Law and Order. Normal saline nasal spray is my new best friend, particularly since I can't take anything stronger than a tylenol (and, let's face it, you might as well eat M&Ms for all the good tylenol will do you.)

Cross your fingers that I'm a bit less gooey by this weekend, because couch and puffs are not an option saturday.

On a totally unrelated note: please keep this officer and his family in your thoughts (or your prayers, if you're the type).

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