Thursday, June 24, 2010


Gymnastics was a lot better this week. We got stuck in traffic, making us late, so G was kind of off her game. It stresses me beyond stressed to be late anywhere, so I think she probably noticed that, too. She refused to sit on my lap while they set up the obstacle course, but she did stand nicely and wait. She did a few of the steps the right way- she loves rolling like a hot dog and sliding down the mat. She did somersaults with a LOT of help. She wasn't crazy about it, but she did it. At the end of class, she high-fived one of the teachers, and let them put a frog stamp on each hand. The rest of the day, she kept pointing at them and shouting, "Fog! Fog!"

The downside is that, instead of wearing her out, the class got her all amped up, and she refused to take a nap. I left her there for an hour and a half, and instead of sleeping, just marched back and forth. And did somersaults. All by herself.

That kid. I am TELLING you.

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