Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Miles and a Block Party

(I was reminded of the existence of my blog today by someone who, I might add, NEVER says hello to me in these parts. I'm just saying.)

It has been waaay too hot and sticky to run outside this summer. I seriously don't know what I would've done if I were training for the marathon this year, because it has been humid and stifling and totally disgusting since the beginning of July. And look, I KNOW there are places where it gets hotter and stays that way longer, and I KNOW I also hate winter (it turns out I hate extreme temperatures, perfectly rational if you ask me), but DAMN, the weather sucks this summer. Not to mention, the huge amounts of rain have left us with a bumper crop of mosquitoes- I took Sam and Grace for a walk the other day, thought we were walking into a cloud of gnats, nope, mosquitoes. We all needed blood transfusions by the time we got home. Disgusting. So anyway, that means I've been trying to run on the treadmill after Grace goes to bed, which is going badly for a whole variety of reasons, the upshot of which is, running sucks this summer. It's frustrating, because I lose endurance and speed so quickly and it takes so long to get it back. Yesterday, the heat broke, and we were able to get out with the running stroller, and I cranked out THREE WHOLE MILES.

Three miles is NOTHING. It is total baby stuff. And I was DYING by the end. But I ran three miles outside, and felt a thousand times better. Of course, it's supposed to be back in the 90s by this afternoon, and stay that way for, like, the next fifty years, but at least we took advantage of the good weather.

We also had good weather for the block party. Breezy, sunny, not very humid. And AGAIN- nobody would talk to us!! I even kept Grace up past her bedtime and fed her a plate of mostaccioli, thinking maybe people would do the most socializing during dinner. Well, they did. WITH EACH OTHER. I sat at the end of the table with Grace on my lap while my jackass neighbors ignored me entirely. The rest of the day, I was chasing Grace around, trying to keep her from running in front of big kids riding bikes and/or tearing up the neighbors' flower beds, but even then, people could've said hello. I hate this block. For real.


Donna said...

block-party jerkfaces! Well, at least you know last year wasn't a fluke. :o) I think it's funny you say three miles is nothing, considering I probably would probably have a heart attack after mile marker 1, but you go with your bad self, girlfriend! I only love working out indoors, but I got Eric a Burley for his bday and now I am totally looking forward to buying a bike so I can go biking in the woods with the kiddios. I don't know how you do it at all, but especially in this climate. When are we moving to San Diego?

Donna said...

probably. or maybe probably.

Rae said...

I do about three 3 mile runs a week and they have to be on the treadmill at the Y. It's just too hot. Robbin, on the other hand, is training for a 1/2 and runs 3 times a week outdoors. I've explain to him that this makes me question his intelligence.

SPOT said...

saying hello...sheepishly....don't comment...but often read!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

hee, hi SPOT!

Donna, we are moving to San Diego NOW.