Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today is our block party.


When we were looking at houses, we said over and over, we wanted to find a house in a neighborhood that had kickass block parties. It seemed like we found that. I guess today's party was kickass? I'm...not sure.

Let me preface this by saying:

-I suck at parties. I know this. I hate being with tons of people and trying to fit into conversations and make small talk. I suck at it and I hate it.

-We're really the only new people in our neighborhood. By kind of a lot, as far as I can tell. Everyone else really knows each other.

-Gracie is the only baby on the block. There are TONS of school-age kids in the neighborhood, but no babies and not even any toddlers, as far as I could tell. Of course, the activities were all geared toward school-age kids, plus it's not like I can just set G down in the street and let her play on the asphalt, and she only likes to be held for so long.

But? oh my god it sucked. (um. and continues to suck, since it's still going on and I'm sitting on the couch like the Loser Neighbor Who Doesn't Participate.)

I was really dreading today, mostly because, like I said, I suck at parties. BUT, I didn't want to be the Loser Neighbor Who Doesn't Participate, so I put on my big-girl pants and trucked outside with Grace this morning. One of the neighbors we've met before chatted with me for a minute and went to play w/ his kids. I saw a group of kids playing with bunnies ('s a long story) and it seemed like a safe enough bet. I could pretend G wanted to see the bunnies! The owners of the bunnies struck up a conversation with me, and the mom immediately snatched G and held her and fawned over her and told me all about her kids and asked what we do and told me about what she and her husband do and they seriously could not have been nicer. It started to rain and I needed to go to the store so I could make brownies for dessert (see: not wanting to be LNWDP). We came home, G needed a nap, I put her down and sat on the couch.

When she woke up, I once again took a deep breath and headed out front. And, um, nobody spoke to us. At all. Not even the woman who brought us cookies back in February and also has a daughter named Grace, giving me all kinds of things to talk about with her. Actually, I caught her eye a few times and smiled and started to say hi and she walked away. I stood around like a superfluous nipple for about ten minutes and finally felt so totally awkward and stupid and uncomfortable, G and I went back inside. Where we have stayed ever since. OK, actually, she's in bed, but Stephen and I are on the couch while everyone is eating dinner (right in front of our house and did I mention we didn't close the blinds so THAT'S uncomfortable). Looking like the LNWDP.

Super awesome funness.

At least it doesn't matter that the brownies I made turned out like blocks of drywall or some other dry, flavorless compound, because we didn't go to dinner! I can just throw them in the garbage! FAIL becomes win?

Eh. I'll take what I can get today.


Megan Elise said...

Love this. Sounds like myself only I may have never even had gotten the nerve/motivation to go out in the first place.

Laura said...

aww. I'd talk to you. And I'd eat your brick brownies.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Megan Elise- it took a LOT! The second time, I thought I saw someone with a baby. I think I was hallucinating (I saw on your blog you were married 11/07- me too! the 17th. when is Kelsie's bday? G's is 12/8)

Laura- I wouldn't have allowed that. They were that bad. I threw them away, and not to stop myself from eating them (which I have to do more often than I'd like to admit).

Kristen said...

I wish we were neighbors - I would have totally hung out with you all day and everyone would have wanted to be part of our in crowd.

Whenever anyone wanted to be with us we would say "Grace & Nate want you to eat a brick brownie", and they would have just to be with us. Then we would laugh and laugh.