Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gracie's Favorite Number

G was born 12/8/08 at 8:38 weighing exactly 8 lbs. So, it's fitting that she's eight months old on 8/8. She has an 8-month-bday cold, but she's handling it like a champ. This is yet another way she does NOT take after me, because I like to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head whilst coughing dramatically when I'm sick. Or, at least, I used to. Anyway. She doesn't get the tough from me, is my point.

Her sleep is, um, a pyrrhic victory. She sleeps ten hours a night, most of the time without waking. The problem? It's from 6:30-4:30. 4:30 is not morning. 4:30 is late night. It's when you stumble in drunk from Beaumont's (the bar. not the family's house). It's when they close Taco Bell. It's NOT a time to start your day. I've tried everything, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, feeding her and putting her back down, bringing her in our bed, none of it works. And it's not like I can say she doesn't sleep enough, ten hours is great. It's just not timed so well for me, because this is another thing she doesn't get from me, as I am, um, NOT a morning person. Is my DNA in there at ALL???

She is really getting good at feeding herself. She feeds herself, noted for her preference: cheerios < blueberries < dog food < paper < anything chocolate. Yeah, that's right. I've let her have chocolate. Sue me. But guess what? It proves she is, in fact, my kid. My girl has good taste.

She's also really good with the sippy cup.

Alhtough I'm hating the arrival of summer-like weather, it means we were able to bust out the wading pool, which is great because this baby is a total fishie. She loves to flop onto her belly and scoot around with a little help from buoyancy;)

Lest you think she has abandoned all opinions and become a laidback little thing, she has registered dislike of all of the following, some with EXTREME PREJUDICE:

* loud noises
* big crowds
* having her fingernails clipped (hatehatehate, clearly having her fingers amputated)
* wearing shoes (hillbilly)
* diaper changes (some things never change. EVER.)
* having contraband removed from her mouth
* being expected to sleep past 4:30

Overall, though, we're still having fun, and I'm still convinced that every new age is the best age. The worst age is definitely 0-3 months. But let's not talk about that. That was then, this is now.


Max's Mommy said...

I love the pictures!

(Where did you get the table with her name puzzle in it?)

Jill said...

cleary, she's up early for morning swim practice! also, thanks for sending *me* the link to all the new pictures. *sniff* whatever. *sniff*

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Heather- we got it as a gift, but if you google name stool, lots of places sell them!

Jill- I've been sending out those pics every month since she was born! I send your mom the link because she asked for G pictures! I can send it to you, too.

Jessica said...

You look so awesome, I hate you a little :)

Kristen said...

We just adore Grace - she is so stinkin cute- and also a fellow goat I see with the paper eating and all.

Great swimming pic!

Kristen & Nate

Rae said...

Love her smile.

Donna said...

That second picture of you two is the BEST! Love it!

diedendidit said...

Love those real smiles on both your faces.

Also, love that she and I shared significance on 8/8.