Monday, September 20, 2010

dang, this kid is consistent!

So, I'm sitting on the couch, feeling miserable and sorry for myself (Segundo is making my pledge to enjoy this pregnancy entirely impossible), and I decided to distract myself by reading my own archives. Eventually, I came across this.

It is so funny to me how she has the exact same personality now that she did then.

The list of dislikes? IDENTICAL, to this day. Well, now she sleeps until 5:30 instead of 4:30, and will even occasionally give me a 6am, but aside from that minor difference, she hates all the same things! Por ejemplo: now that it's cooler, we're putting her in shoes and socks instead of sandals or crocs. The MINUTE we walk in the door, she plops down and holds her feet up for us to take her shoes off. She then strips off her socks and runs around barefoot. I mean it, she does not make it two feet from the door before she does this. It's pretty darn cute. Otro ejemplo: she still gets pissed off and cries with every diaper change. I am not at all sure what is so objectionable about such service, but she is not a fan.

Oh, and if fingernails were bad, they're NOTHING compared to toe nails. *shudder*

She also still looooves swimming, and she loves to eat. We went to lunch today and she had scrambled eggs and sauteed veggies. She picked up a long piece of spinach, right out of the middle of the plate, tipped her head back, and ate it like a cartoon character. Ate her eggs with a fork. Took a teeny sip of my chai, licked her lips, and said, "Mmmmmm!"

Of course, none of that compares with her new tricks. Just this week, she started running after us with both index fingers pointed, saying "tickatickaticka!", trying to tickle us.

Even when it's hard, it just keeps getting better.


Max's Mommy said...

She's hilarious.

blogmom said...

I'm always trying to think of new things to introduce into my baby's diet. We haven't done spinach yet! I can't believe it, but we haven't. I'm making some now! Thanks!