Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tales from the Locker Room

Every week, it's the same thing. I DREAD swimming. I don't wanna get into a stupid bathing suit. I don't wanna drive all the way out there. I don't wanna get in the water. I don't wanna chase her all over the locker room while I'm trying to dry off and get dressed and then do the same for her. She's getting HEAVY and the class is getting to be a serious work-out. I swear that this is our last session and I'm not signing up next time. Then we go and she has so much fun that I think, ohhh, but she loves it! This week, she started clapping when we were a block away, and saying, "wawa! wawa!"

Today when we were getting dressed (or I was getting dressed and she was running around in a swimming diaper, closing herself in various lockers), a woman came to the locker on the end of the section and started changing. And kept smiling at me. Staring right at people and smiling is creepy when you're naked, people. But Grace got revenge, because she found a candy wrapper on the floor, carried it over to the woman's purse, dropped it in, and walked away. The woman did not notice. I did not say anything.

After we were both dressed and I had everything packed up, I realized I left her diaper on the floor. I handed it to her and asked her to please throw it away. She immediately trotted over to the garbage can and threw it away. I seriously don't know what's up with this kid and throwing things in the garbage, but I'll take it.

They have canvases all over the locker room, painted in solid colors. I have no idea why she loves them so much, but she does. It's how I figured out she knew her colors, she kept pointing at only the blue ones and saying, "boooo!!!!" and eventually worked up to "ghee" and "lala". On the way out of the room, there's one green and one yellow canvas. Every week, she wants to be picked up so she can touch them on the way out. This week, she kept touching and patting and rubbing them, so I told her, "Okay Gracie, say bye bye to green and yellow!" And my mute little girl said, "Bye Ghee! Bye Lala!"

so FINE. We'll keep going to stupid swimming. I mean, damn, I'm not made of STONE. Plus, I'm all tired and pregnant and not really very much fun for her, already, and I can only imagine it's going to get worse over the next few months. She needs the activity, the fun, the structure, and the time with kids her own age. But I'm still going to whine about it. At least, until she starts doing things like speaking in sentences because of swimming.


S.P.O.T. said...

you are brave...I would have long used the pregnancy as an excuse not to go....even though Segundo (that's what you are calling it, right?) probably loves swimming, that means you have at least 4 more years of lessons...lucky you!

Donna said...

You are an awesome mom! Swimming lessons while pregnant AND taking her to see fish!?! I'm totally impressed by you. And please give Gracie a big hug from me. It's been to long since I've seen her! I bet she is the cutest minnow in the pool!