Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking On The Bright Side...

Grace isn't exactly known for her awesome sleeping habits. Her naps are either short, or start at 2pm and last through dinner time, leaving her amped up well past bedtime. She still has a seriously frustrating habit of waking up at 5am every day (unless, of course, I'm getting up for work, on which days she will often sleep past 6, and sometimes even until I wake her up). I, on the other hand? Ohhhh. I know the joys of sleep. Burrowing down under the covers and staying there all day. Getting up only to laze around on the couch. I once slept for seventeen hours. I was working nights at the time, so my sleep was really messed up, but I still did it. (In my defense, I was appropriately horrified when I woke up and saw the clock said 3pm.)


This morning, I realized there IS a bright side to this. On the rare occasions when I need to wake her up (get her dressed, send her to MIL's before I go to work. I've never, EVER had to wake her on my day off. But then, I bet you knew that)? You have never seen anyone wake up so easily and happily. Or maybe you have, I don't know. This is generally how it goes when someone tries to wake me up:

you: (gently touching my shoulder and whispering)Kathy?
you:...hey, Kath? we gotta go.
you: Kathy?
me: RAWR
you: (screaming in pain because I just clawed your face off)

When I go in to wake up Grace? Usually she's barely still asleep, and the light from the bathroom is enough to wake her up. She squints for a millisecond, pops her eyes open, breaks out in the biggest smile you have EVER seen. Jumps to her feet, starts waving her blanket around and saying, "BEEEEEEEE!" Hears Sam in the hallway, leans over the side of her crib, waving and saying, "DOGDOGDOGDOGDOG!!"

It's a pretty awesome way to start the day.


Jill said...

I remember waking you up once, and that was pretty much how it went. I believe I cried. I also believe I was maybe 11.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

as I recall it, I suggested multiple times that you leave me alone. I also remember you were under no instructions to wake me up, you just decided I had slept long enough. (I am also pretty sure you did this more than once...)