Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fail after Fail

I bought Halloween candy a week and a half ago, thinking I would avoid any candy-eating binges by getting stuff I don't like. Turns out Segundo has HIDEOUS taste in candy, and crap like Laffy Taffy is totally irresistable. Sooo, yeah. I just ate my weight in gross plastic candy. And now? Segundo is sugared up and ready to GO GO GO GOOOOOO!!

And if it's not candy, it's vermin. We had a mouse in our bedroom last night and we have some kind of unknown but surely disgusting varmint living in our attic. I just might have to scratch all my skin off and start sleeping in the bathtub if we don't reduce the number of uninvited, disgusting creatures living in this crapshack.

The mouse is particularly upsetting, because we never had mice in the bedroom (that made themselves known, anyway) unless they were brought there by Falafel. The cat lives in the basement now, so he sure didn't bring the dirty little motherfucker (DLM) into my room last night at 1:45 to rattle a milk bone against Sam's crate. In case you're wondering where Sam the Wonder Dog was in all of this, he was sleeping on his bed downstairs. I bribed him with ANOTHER bone to run up and get in his crate, knowing he would soundly ignore the mouse, but also knowing he would at least scare the DLM into leaving.

Here's hoping there are no mice in our room tonight and the critter in the attic is quiet tonight. Didn't the Exorcist start with creepy noises in the attic? GREAT. Now not only do I have to worry about getting the bubonic plague in my sleep, I also have to worry about being possessed by Pazuzu. Get this shit OUT OF MY HOUSE!

The power of Orkin compels you!!!

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