Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Grace is a pretty adventurous eater. Not as great as she used to be, but as toddlers go, she's really pretty good. She refuses all meat except ground beef, and she has a thing against ravioli/pierogis/any kind of smooth dough with filling, but other than those quirks, she'll eat most things we give her. And if she doesn't? That's fine too, she just has milk and whatever she does eat off her plate. I'm not a short-order cook AND I'm not getting into a habit where all she eats is oyster crackers and ketchup off a spoon.

So we're trying chili, made with veggie crumbles. It's super easy to make, and we all love it. I just scoop out a few ladles worth before I add the hot pepper and that's hers. The introduction went relatively well, and I felt like it went really well, considering it was a brand-new experience and a pretty strong taste. So when I gave her a bowl tonight, I wasn't sure how it would go, but I expected at least okay.

Heh. Yeah. She wasn't in a chili kind of mood.

So when she started holding her milk out to Stephen and asking for "choc choc", I reminded her she only gets chocolate in her milk if she eats her dinner.

Did she know what I meant? Oh yes. Yes, she did.

She proceeded to put a bite of chili on her spoon, put the verrrrry tip in her mouth, and nibble rapid-fire on the metal of the spoon, no actual chili entering her mouth. She also kept her eyes squeezed shut, for extra effect. Next, she absolutely FILLED the spoon with chili, opened her mouth WIDE, stuck it all the way in, and held it there, not actually touching ANY lips/cheeks/tongue, then pulled it back out.

Not nearly as humorously, she also put a bite in her mouth and then spit it out, but I do give her credit for actually tasting it that time.

And no, she did not get any chocolate milk. Tonight's dinner was raspberries, clementine sections, and half a cup of milk.


Jessica said...

Oh I love Grace :) She and Penny are two peas in a pod when it comes to food I think.

Rae said...

What are vegetable crumbles? And I love you for many reasons; but I'm adding not indulging a picky eater as one of them.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

morningstar fake meat crumbles:)

Glad to hear she's not the only one, Jess! it's times like that when I think, ohhhh, you are so freaking clever, and I don't know if that makes me happy or pisses me off for all the times you ignore me, because now I KNOW you understand me.

Laura said...

lol, this is hilarious...and I can soooo picture it. Kids are smart.