Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High as a Kite

24 weeks with Grace, note the bulge waaay down at the bottom:

24 weeks with Segundo. Note that the baby is somewhere around my esophagus:

Crazy, no? I mean, WOW.

In other news, I appear to have made a tactical error. After we had a pristine level 2 ultrasound, I thought to myself, How funny that this baby is already worrying me less than Gracie did, what with her proclivity for cyst-formation. And I went to today's appointment, expecting another boring appointment where my worst concern would be how much weight I gained. And when I gained two pounds less than I thought I did, I was all excited and shifted my stress from that to getting my blood drawn on time so I wouldn't have to repeat the glucose test.


Because it turns out Segundo is lazy. I kind of already knew that, but I had no idea, the depths of the baby's laziness. It turns out Segundo cannot be bothered to, you know, keep his/her heart beating regularly. This bean needs a break every four beats. And not just once or twice, but every time. Beat beat beat beat pause. Et voila, fetal echocardiogram, scheduled for this friday.

Maureen already talked to the cardiologist who does all the fetal echos at Childrens, because she is the awesomest awesome who ever awesomed. She said I should not worry at all, that this is very common, it often means nothing, etc etc. Much like choroid plexus cysts. And unlike that situation, I've already had a normal level 2 ultrasound. So, we have that in our favor. Unfortunately, my deeply pessimistic nature, combined with my career, make it really, really hard for me to not worry. Right now, I am focusing on worrying what this will mean for delivery- because really, ultimately, none of that matters a lot. I can't worry about the baby, it's just...too much. And I have to worry about something, because hello, we all know this happened because I let my guard down.

Hopefully, everything looks good on friday, and all this means is that we get extra peeks at Segundo between now and March. And if not...I can't really think about that right now. So instead I'm panicking about c-sections, and quietly, quietly thinking to myself, please be okay...


Donna said...

What I think is funny that I would totally have thought Gracie was the up-high baby, because my boys seems so low. But I love that you have these pics to compare!
Don't stress (ya right) about the test. Segundo is going to be fine. I hope the appt is early in the day so you can get it over with asap. I'm going to go show Eric the "Who ate my kolacky"" picture because he thinks he never saw that before. That is a classic!

SPOT said...

uugg....Abigail pulled stunts like that, too....had everyone thinking she was going to be born with Down's due to a heart issue and short legs. We had the special ultrasounds every month from January to June...and the day she was born there were elventy billion extra nurses and NICU staff in the room...she was totally fine. (well, she had a little heart thing, but that cleared on its own in 48 hours.) I totally played it cool with the whole thing until about 2 seconds before they gave me the spinal, at which point I had a pure mental breakdown about what I was going to do if she came out of me and was not ok....silly hormones...we actually have the video of the NICU dr looking over her for signs of Downs and telling us that everything was really ok...