Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello, Segundo

I'm pretty sure I've said this before (my brain is SHOT*), but Segundo doesn't move around nearly as much as Grace did. I always knew Grace was around. On the rare occasions when she hadn't jabbed me in the ribs by noon, I completely panicked. It was just NOT NORMAL!!! Segundo, on the other hand, has only a few active periods a day. Always, always in the late evening, and other than that, it's pretty variable. But, like I said, much more infrequent, and also not nearly as vigourous. Gracie was tap-dancing, Segundo is just trying to squirm into the lotus position.

On the one hand, it's kind of a bummer. I miss all the constant reminders that Gracie was around, that there was someone there. On the other hand, when Segundo DOES move around, it's always such a happy surprise. Like, ooh, there you are! Hi! What's up?!

I was saying to Maureen the other day that it's so funny how easily she can show her personality now, instead of just being happy or mad or sad. She agreed and said, "yeah, I remember thinking, 'wow. you've ALWAYS had that personality. You just couldn't tell me.'" And she is so right (as usual). Except, in Gracie's case, her personality was aaalllllways evident. I just didn't know exactly how to piece it together. She was really active in utero, but what did it mean? Well. She made THAT apparent as soon as she was born, heh. Then she was born and she was pissed off all the time, but what did it mean? Now that she's bigger, it's easy to see that she was bored, she wanted to go go go, she wanted to DO SOMETHING. And she certainly did NOT want to fit into anyone else's agenda. It's so obvious now. And I wonder if Segundo's intra-uterine personality will have anything to do with his/her long-term personality. I mean, it doesn't seem as striking. Lots of babies are like this! But I dunno. Maybe I'll look back and think, yes. Of course. How very Segundo.

(*OMG. So today? We were at Old Navy. And the cashier asked to see my ID when I used my credit card. So I showed her, and as I put it away, I thought, hmm. I think my license expires this year. so I looked, and oh no. It expired LAST YEAR!! OMG WHAT IF I GET PULLED OVER?!?!? They'll take me in for processing and DCFS will have to pick up Grace and I will die and then Stephen will kill me for being so irresponsible and oh. That's right. I have safe driver renewal. The sticker is on the back of my license. Where it has been for the last year. Good Christ. It is a miracle I haven't left the house without pants on.)


Jessica said...

I adore you.

BnE's Mommy said...

I love reading your posts... :0)