Tuesday, November 30, 2010


aka: rate and rhythm regular:)

The nurse practitioner listened long and hard, and we heard no trace of the arrhythmia. It seems to be gone! At least, for now. The cardiologist did say it would likely resolve, it was just hard to predict when that would happen. I did not expect it to be gone today, to be honest. The NP kept asking me all kinds of clarifying questions about it, and I kept assuring her that it was VERY obvious, and I didn't hear anything remotely resembling what we'd heard at my regular visit or when we went for the echo. I have no idea if the arrhythmia could recur- we'll still go for the repeat echo at the end of December- but for now, things all sound very reassuring.

Gracie went along with me for this visit. She was NOT a fan of mommy being up on the exam table- each time I got up there, she would whimper and say, "mama, down. DOWN, MAMA." She also made a show of her color knowledge- when we went in the bathroom to, ah, provide a specimen, she pointed at it and yelled, "wawa!! Lello wawa!!!" She also slept all the way to the doctor's office (of course she did!), but is shockingly taking a nap right now, so I think I'm going to follow suit.


Rae said...

Hooray! Also, I have about 14 emails from you to reply to. :-)

Donna said...

Great news!! That is so cute that Gracie didn't want you up on the table. Mommy isn't allowed to lay down! :o)