Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Peek Inside My Head

(in case you had any doubts about the depths of my insanity)

So, after Grace was born, the postpartum period was reeeeally rough.  And honestly, not just because she was fussy and high-maintenance.  The hormones were awful.  I'm pretty sure I've covered this before.  And I'm also pretty sure I've covered the fact that I had the exact opposite experience with Katie- I was positively euphoric.  But I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that although things got a lot better within a week or so of Grace being born, I continued to feel like a bit of a nutcase for a long time after Grace was born.  Like, pretty much until Katie was born.  And it's like the hormones snapped me back into being myself.  Which makes me think of that Sweet Valley High Book, where Elizabeth hits her head and turns from the good girl into the BAD girl, and is TOTALLY about to give it up when she falls and hits her head again and snaps back into being the good girl, and thus her virginity is preserved. 

And, see, this worries me, because I only want three kids.  And what if having the third kid snaps me back into being off-kilter, and I don't have another baby to snap me back into place????


Kristen said...

I know *exactly* what SVH book you are referring to. She was going to give it up to Bruce, Bruce of 1BRUCE1 license plate on his Porche.

See that. We really are soul mates. (as if we needed clarification)

rebekah said...

I'm SO hoping this happens for me. I had the euphoria for her, but for myself, well, let's just say I've been *off* since I had H. You know me well enough to know I am not lazy but I find myself having to force myself to do really stupidly basic things.

And I read that book too. Well, really, who didn't read that entire series or some part thereof. Our books were wayyyy better than twilight.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Mostly, I remember being really disappointed that she hit her head and stopped being slutty RIGHT BEFORE it got juicy. wtf, Francine Pascal?!??!

Max's Mommy said...

I loved this post. :)

You make me laugh.

And although SVH was a little before my time, I read several of them. ;P

Torrey said...

I think you need to be prepared to have a fourth kid. :p

Melony said...

Ha! I remember feeling the same disappointment. I read them all, but SVH never got juicy enough! I love that you remember them well enough to relate them to your current life.