Monday, August 29, 2011

Six Months (...and change)

Yeah, so I'm almost a week late here (more on that in a minute.)

It's been HALF A YEAR since I was rudely awakened from a blissful slumber by the first signs that Katie would not, in fact, be a March baby.

Six months is, I think, my favorite age.  It's when they finally start to DO stuff.  They're happier and calmer, but also more interested in and excited about their surroundings.

This is a chatty kid, right here.  Or maybe she's not.  Grace was very quiet and thoughtful at this stage, watching everything you did, serious as a heart attack.  Katie is jabbering constantly, sometimes quietly, sometimes yelling, but always chattering away.  It's completely hilarious.

She's getting super strong.  She pushes all the way up on her arms, rocks on her hands and knees, and is never, ever in the same spot where you put her down.

She likes to eat well enough, but it reeeally pisses her off if you do the feeding.  She's quite vexed by the digestive changes that food hath wrought.

She looooves her tubby.  She's really close to being ready for joint tubbies with her sister- though Grace begs to differ on the "really close" point, and has started climbing in with her every night.  It's all fun and games til Katie has the gall to reposition, at which point it turns from, "ohhhh, Katie!!!" to "NO KATIE STOP DAT."  *sigh*

And look, I don't want to jinx anything, but it's possible she's figuring out how to sleep.  She likes to stay up late and wake up early, which is some bullsnitch, but she usually only wakes up once, maybe twice.  Her naps stink like yogurt that's been left in the sun, but you know, you can't win 'em all and a six month old who only wakes up once overnight?  Yes, I will take that.

 And it might just be me, but I think that she might possibly kind of look a little bit like her sister.

HAHAHA, good night, I am so tired I almost forgot my "more on that in a minute" point, and it actually directly relates to the picture right above this one. 

I spend a lot of time feeling bad for Katie, because everything Gracie does is being done for the first time.  It seems like she gets the shaft.  But then I spend a lot of time feeling bad for Gracie, because Katie ha a much more relaxed, laidback mother, who's not constantly freaking out about every little thing.  Someone said to me, just today, "First children are lucky because they have their parents' constant attention.  Second children are lucky because they don't."  Yep.  That.  Exactly.

Life is sweet.  What more is there to say?


Melony said...

"First children are lucky because they have their parents' constant attention. Second children are lucky because they don't."

I love that.

Rae said...

Love the first photo! So adorable.

Sarah said...

You've made some absolutely beautiful children. :)