Saturday, August 20, 2011

Switching Things Around


 Our swimming issues.

I was talking to a friend at work, who also has a daughter Grace, a few months older than my Grace.  She was gloating about the fact that her daughter was finally old enough to go to classes on her own.  I mentioned what was going on in our classes, and that I was thinking we should probably take a break...but also thought she might keep asking when we were going to swimming and I would regret skipping it.  My friend commented that it used to be Grace's favorite thing ever, and we talked about it a little more.  And then, I was AGAIN reminded that I am not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, when my friend wrinkled her nose and said, " you think maybe she's just bored?"

Bored?  After essentially taking the same class for the last year and half of her life?  What on EARTH are you talking about?  How could she possibly be bored with the same songs and drills that she's been doing since she was 13 months old?


We are skipping the next session of swimming.  We may or may not do one more parent/tot session before starting her in big girl classes.  I haven't decided yet.  She has to learn how to swim, so eventually she's going to have to go back, but I'm not sure when that will happen. 

I'm kind of surprised how sad I am about it.  I really hated swimming.  I mean, no, not as much as I hated gymnastics, which I inexplicably signed up for when I decided we weren't taking swimming (AGAIN, I did not ever say I was smart), but I really wasn't enjoying it.  There were other moms I looked forward to seeing (even when they weren't giving us cute dresses;), we knew all the teachers, and it was just something we did.  And now we don't.  And that should be fine!  But, yeah.

She's really looking forward to gymnastics, and that's what really matters.  What matters even more is that she's also taking a tuesday morning playdate class all by herself.  As in, no parents.  As in, TEH AWESOME. 

Yeah.  We're gonna be alright;)


Donna said...

Totally agree, and I've been seeing that in so many ways they just keep moving on, and with Liam I think we're a step behind him cause what the hell do we know, and with Brendan and Aidan it's a little easier to anticipate the forks in the road. But that doesn't mean it's not hard when routines change. I now have to shop for Liam in the KIDS section! And they don't even have as much cool stuff. For 5 years I've shopped for him in the same baby/toddler boys section of Gap and ON. No more. Should that make me sad? Cause it does.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

omg, Donna, that is going to make me SO sad. It already makes me sad that Grace's shoes don't look all cute and tiny anymore, they just look like little kid shoes.

Rae said...

Shoes? Crap one day I'm going to have put shoes on my son.