Monday, April 30, 2012

Never a Good Sign.

As part of my ongoing effort to vary my childrens' diets, I try to make something new at least once a week.  I have mixed success with this, since I shop on tuesdays and have to plan in advance, and cooking takes time, and I hate hate HATE throwing food away.  Also I am not very creative so it almost always ends up involving chickpeas and spices in some kind of tomato sauce with pasta or rice and guess what?  NOT REALLY VARYING THE DIET.

Katie eats relatively well, since she is still a baby.  Gracie, though, is on a strict pasta with marinara, mac and cheese, soup, and yogurt diet, with the occasional peanut butter and jelly.  And not always all of that- some days, she will take one bite of pb&j and reject the rest.  Once I made her a veggie burger and she inhaled it and asked for more.  The next time, she took a single bite, politely pushed her plate away and sweetly said, "Mama?  Pwease-ah get me somefing better to eat."  (try not laughing at that, by the way.  YOU CAN'T.)

But the worst sign?  The one that tells me she will be having milk and yogurt for dinner?  Is when she comes cruising into the kitchen, stops dead in her tracks, and says, "Mama.  What is dat hoe-bibble smell coming from???"

She actually ate this, but see?  Pasta and chick peas.  Sigh.

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