Monday, April 23, 2012

Randoms to Remember

(sidenote: Curse you, Blogger.  I do not like change.)

Fun with Homophones:

me: Hee, Gracie, look at Katie's bare feet!
Gracie: Hee hee hee, mama, those aren't bear feet, those are Katie feet!

me: D'oh!!
Gracie: mama?  Why you say d'oh?
me: That's something to say when you're frustrated.
Gracie: No, mama, dough makes pizza.

Related To The First But Not the Second:

me: Gracie, what does Grammy call Katie when she takes her shoes off?
Gracie: Shoeless Joke!!

"Why do they sound the same but mean different things?  That's just SILLY."

First Words

Katie finally has some actual words.  And like her sister, her first word was identifying one of our pets.  Where Gracie started with kitty cat, Katie started saying (screaming, actually) dog just a week or so ago.  This morning, I got her out of bed and opened the blinds, and she saw Sam walking out to his pee spot and nearly lost her mind, yelling, "DAH!! DAH!!"  She also says night night, which is totally freaking adorable, and over the weekend when I asked her to tell grandma thank you, she immediately and perfectly signed it to her.  Genius.  Clearly.

"OK, so if we approach from the eastern front and bank left, then I'll never have to sleep again!"
The Best Thing of All

During the brief 30-45 minutes that Katie sleeps in her crib, I SHOULD be trying to get things done, things I cannot accomplish when the girls are awake.  And so I do: I crawl under a soft fuzzy blanket on the couch and sleep.  And then Katie wakes up and screams her brains out for half an hour because she is not done napping, but doesn't want to sleep anymore.  Over the weekend, though, I managed to get her back to sleep on my chest to finish her nap.  NOT ideal, but seriously, the girl is just awful from 2pm until bedtime when she wakes up and doesn't go back to sleep and I am also tired and so zzzzzz.....Sunday, we came back down to the couch, both got under the fuzzy blankie, and I immediately joined her in dreamland.  The sun was streaming through the windows over the couch, warming up the blanket, Katie was all warm and snuggly, and I passed the eff out right alongside her.  She napped for another two hours.  BLISS.  Gracie supported this effort by taking her own extra-long nap.  I cannot remember the last time I felt so clear-headed.  It was phenomenal.  Of course, they paid me back by both waking at 4:15 today, but I take my victories where I can find them.

playing together without screaming: another major example of winning
It's the little things these days.  I don't feel like I have anything really that interesting, exciting, or funny to record.  But I don't want to forget the little things.


Megan M said... pic...when did G grow up?

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

It was a recent development, Megan. Not one I approve of. Well, sometimes. Other times not.