Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey, I have an idea! Let's talk about food!

So guess what?  I tried making this again yesterday.  This time, though, I actually used black beans,a full tsp of chili powder, and added two diced carrots.  I didn't take pictures because I took pictures last time, but it really looked different, so now I'm annoyed with myself.  With the exception of the fact that the carrots were too crunchy, I was really happy with how it turned out.

So were the girls, apparently, since Grace ate three servings and Katie ate two.  Gracie even rejected ice cream in favor of another serving.  So!  New meal alternative that does not involve chick peas, paprika, or pasta! VICTORY IS MINE.

Feeling high on my victory, I made veggie chili for dinner tonight.  G was at a carnival with her Grammy, so she got McDonald's for dinner, but Katie snarfed her bowl (and mommy might have had three bowls worth....oh shut up, it's beans and tomato sauce.)

In other news which makes me happy, someone has ended her peanut butter and jelly strike, thank GOD already, you weird kid.

It helps that we ate lunch outside- we need to start doing that again, now that summer is here.  We played outside for over three hours that day, and ohhhh, the NAPS I got that day.  When we come inside for lunch, it just disrupts all the playing and we end up lazing around for the rest of the morning.  Also, I can leave the sandwich scraps on the ground and not worry about wiping the table too well.  Which is good, because with kids like mine, any mess reduction is a big, big positive.

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