Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's Just Look At Some Pictures For Awhile

because so many aspects of the suck just continue to suck and I can't even recap them because they suck so much and I'm sick of it.

We went to the Memorial Day parade in my hometown.  It is crazy how people turn out for that, and just to show what kind of ties people have to that place, I sat across the street from my eighth grade constitution teacher and bumped into a guy I knew in first grade as he marched with his daughter (I mean, I knew him past first grade, that is just when I first met him.  He used to hum to himself while he did math worksheets.)  The other thing about the parade is omfg, it is like Halloween without costumes.  The same thing has happened every time we've gone, it starts and I think, aw, look, candy!  That's fun!  And then halfway thru, I think, damn, that's a lot of candy.  And then 3/4 of the way through, all I can think is, holy shit can this parade just end already because we now have a fifty pound bag of candy and Gracie keeps hiding under chairs and eating suckers.

But it's fun.  And also, the parade features a whole host of veterans going back as far as WWII and I think it's important to start teaching the girls now what it means to show respect for military service.  I always get something in my eye when the entire crowd stands and starts applauding as they go by.

Anyway.  Pictures.


What's that you say about candy?  Suddenly I am perfectly behaved.  How strange.
Katie Liberty.  Plus Skittles.
This is probably sucker number three, since she's eating in plain sight.
This was before the parade.  I just love that she's dressed like Wonder Woman.

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Megan M said...

L O V E the last outfit and the camera exposure....are you sure that wasn't you 30 some years ago?