Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yes. Of course that happened.

Katie slept from 7:30 yesterday until 6am today, so it was a very restful, lovely night to kick off behavior boot camp.


Because, actually, of course, Gracie woke up puking at 3:30.  The kid is not typically a puker and you know what? Thank GOD, because oh man.  First of all, it completely enrages her.  You know it's coming because she starts to cry and cough, but then she starts screaming furiously, "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!"  So.  You know.  It's kind of hard to miss.  I went running in her room when I heard her yelling, helped her puke into a blanket (she has like eighty of them on her bed), inspected and made sure there was no wayward puke, and tucked her back in.  I laid with her for awhile and then went back to my bed.  She woke up twenty minutes later screaming, "MAMA I GON'T WANT TO...cough cough cough...*BLAP*."

So into bed with me she came. As we curled up together, I thought, gosh her feet are toasty.  Because you know what?  I am incapable of recognizing fever when you wake me in the middle of the night.  And unlike Katie, who rarely spikes a fever and when she does, has never gone very high.  She's not my fever kid.  Of course, it's my kid who seizes who gets sky-high fever.  OF COURSE IT IS.  Anyway, I laid there in the bed in total denial for about five minutes before she started ralphing again.  She then laid across my stomach, at which point I realized, oh hello, I am getting second-degree burns on my midsection, perhaps my older child has a fever right now.

The rest of the morning is an ugly blur of puked seizure meds ("I gon't like juicies anymore, they make me sick." Fucking fabulous.), refused motrin (she used to love it!), my mom bringing us tylenol suppositories and taking poor neglected Katie for the day.

Eventually, the tylenol kicked in, and she perked up enough to play and eat lunch.  I thought, yay, the worst is behind us! Because Gracie likes to get dramatically sick (even if you exclude recent events), but usually recovers very quickly. 

...but no.  She's been spiking sky-high fevers all day, and for dinner ate watermelon and a few bites of toast.  She had a 104 fever when I put her to bed.  She did fall asleep immediately, and I attempted to trickle motrin inside her cheek.  No.  Dice.  Nuh-uh, no way.  Spitting, rubbing her tongue on the blankets, NOT HAPPENING.  Then Maureen had the idea that we should try another flavor- our ibuprofen was grape, just like her Keppra.  So she went and got roughly eight million flavors of ibuprofren, plus some delicious junk food for me.  I have snarfed the junk food, but Gracie has rejected the bubble gum ibuprofen with extreme prejudice.  Since those jackasses refuse to make suppositories, we are stuck with stupid tylenol. 

She is sweaty and restless and miserable.

Here's hoping the fever at least does its job, because I am not sure how much longer I can get away with the suppository route...

(sidebar: Katie gets a break in behavior boot camp because she slept when  I needed her to the most.)

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Boo, Boo, a thousand time boo.