Friday, May 25, 2012

Shenanigans, for REAL.

So there's this THING about running (at least for me)- it takes months and months to build endurance.  Don't even get me started on speed.  SOOOO long.  But stop running?  And all that hard work is gone in a week.  I mean, okay, not ALL of it, but a LOT of it.

You know where else that is true?'s a hint.

Behavior.  ZOMG.

You work and work and work at making your child behave in a manner that resembles a human being.  A small, wild, nose-picking human, but at least a human!!

And then they go and have all kinds of medical dramz, and maybe you feel really sad about it and want them to be happy.  Maybe the routine is all thrown off.  Maybe you are so fracking exhausted from worrying about them that you let things slide.  Things you would normally NEVER let slide.  You give them the distinct impression that they are completely and totally in charge of everything.

Ignore ALL the rules!!!
So, for this lovely holiday weekend, the girls are in boot camp.  Well, mostly Gracie, because Katie is too little to really get it, although she's been plenty buttheaded lately, I CAN ASSURE YOU.  And I can assure you of that at any time of the day or night, because she will be awake which means all of Chicago is awake, too. 

Hopefully it gets us somewhere.  Because seriously?  Parenting is exhausting shit, but it is ten times more exhausting when your child is behaving like a manic sociopath.

Sure, it's cute NOW, but just wait til she leaves for the Horn of Africa.

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