Thursday, November 1, 2012

The answer is Motrin. Mostly.

A few nights ago, utterly broken by fatigue, it occurred to me to dose Katie with Motrin before bed in an attempt to not die of exhaustion.  Also because it got cold really fast here so I can't make her sleep in the car.

It worked!  It actually worked!  She slept thru the night and woke at a normal hour.  And the other two nights since then, too!  She's had a bit of a runny nose and I think I finally (FINALLY) see her lower lateral incisors coming in, so she has plenty of reasons to not be sleeping well.  And she has a fully erupted molar on the right that was probably bugging her as it shimmied its way toward daylight.  We never knew when Gracie was teething until we saw new teeth in her mouth, so I tend to forget about teething, which I think probably bothers Katie a lot more.  The only problem is when to stop giving the motrin, because, seriously?  I am not sure I can give up sleeping thru the night and sleeping until the hedonistic hour of 6:30 this often.  So I gave her some tonight, because she did still kind of have a runny nose and also because her gums look thin, but no teeth in front.  So hopefully she'll sleep well.

....if she ever falls asleep.  Because it is now nearly 9pm and she is sitting up in bed, singing songs to herself.  And a few minutes ago, was standing up, waving her hands over the edge like she was casting a spell.

SERIOUSLY??????????  *I* want to go to bed!!  *I'm* tired!  And I napped during her nap today, which means that it is official and my toddler needs less sleep than I do. 


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