Friday, October 2, 2009

Math is Hard!

I bought Grace a new toy this week, the vtech Learn and Discover Driver (I think that's what it's called. I'm too lazy to get up and look). I chose it very scientifically, by holding out a few different options and watching to see which one she seemed to like the most.

I guess I should've chosen another way, because I accidentally bought her a boy's toy! I guess little girls don't like to play with steering wheel toys, because when you push the police car button, it plays a siren and says, "slow down little fella!!"

Little. FELLA.

Look. I try not to overthink these things. Really. When people would tell us not to worry, that surely our next child would be a boy, it irritated me, but I thought, well, maybe they mean we'll have one of each (no, that's not what they meant, but whatever). But "fella"??? There's nothing remotely gender-neutral about that. They could've said kiddo. They could've said buddy. They didn't. They said fella. They assume only little boys will play with their stupidass toy.

Next chance I get, I promise I'm going back out to Target and getting her a more gender-appropriate toy, like a vacuum cleaner. I can't have Grace thinking she can do bold, nonconformist things like, you know, driving.


Bella's Mommy said...

LOL!!! I think Bella is going to be like her Daddy and pound things with a hammer. All she does is find stuff to pound on or toys to bang against one another...FREAK! That's my kid though.

Laura said...


Donna said...

Stupid sexism. What's funny is that LT and BP do have a vacuum, and a play kitchen, and they love to play with dolls and strollers and other "girl toys" when they have a chance. And I surprise myself wondering if that's ok or are they going to get beaten up in school. Which is doubly stupid because they are still babies. It can all be summed up with this, in my opinion. We have a perfectly great series in Winnie the Pooh. Liam loves it, I love it, generations before us have loved it. And now they have the audacity to write out Christopher frickin Robin and replace him with a girl, I think to make the series more attractive to girls, since of course boys are not going to be interested in something about stuffed animals, with no camouflage or machine gun noises. Well they're wrong. And I for one am going to boycott girl Christopher Robin and car toys that speak only to little boys. That'll show 'em.

Kristen said...

Amen sister.