Saturday, January 1, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover: Carpet Edition

When we moved in to this house, one of the things we knew we absolutely had to do was address the upstairs floors. Since they were unfinished hardwood when we moved in, the initial plan was to finish the floors. After living here awhile, we realized that A)WOW, plaster walls echo like CRAZY, B) it's kinda cold in Chicago, and C) we are not going to live in this house forever so it's stupid to spend all that money and deal with the massive headache of moving out for like, a WEEK, while the floors are done. So we decided to carpet. Between work and Gracie and life in general, it always just seemed like too daunting of a task, so we've lived in this house for the last two years with unfinished hardwood floors. It's a pretty gross look, especially when you have pets, and not very comfortable either. Finally, with Segundo on the way, we just had to deal with it. And seriously oh my god I am so annoyed that we waited so long. It is like a different house up there. I can't get over how much brighter it is with beige carpet, as opposed to dark, blah floors, and everything just looks a thousand times neater.

The only picture I have of those disgusting floors is from Grace's room, right when we moved in, before she was even born, so the comparison here is a bit unfair. It's kind of like those makeovers they'd do in Seventeen magazine, where they'd take the before picture of the model with no makeup at all, her hair hanging by her face, harsh fluorescent lighting and the world's biggest pout, and then make her over and photograph her smiling in soft light. I mean, I get that. But still, you get the idea:

Ridiculous, right? There's also the added bonus of the new carpet smell, making me feel like we just moved into some swank gut-rehab, instead of still living in our same old house.

Next up: the hideous paint job. Don't ask me why we've lived so long with oppressively blood-red walls in the front and upstairs hallway and puke green walls in the kitchen for as long as we have. The reasons are the same as the carpet, though I will likely kick myself just as hard afterwards for not biting the bullet and doing it sooner.

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