Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grosser. Definitely Grosser.

In my never-ending quest to document the minutiae of all the differences between pregnancies, I have finally figured something out: this pregnancy is just way, way grosser than my pregnancy with Grace. (exhibit Y in the category of "Proof This Baby is a Boy", because we all know, boys are gross.)

For example! I never had even the slightest bit of swelling when I was pregnant with Grace. I wore the same shoes for nine months, my wedding ring never felt snug, and I could stand around at work all day long with no ill effects.

NOT SO, this time.

I spent a good chunk of sunday on my feet, as a result of my own stubbornness. Hosting my awesome friend Rae's shower, I had multiple people offer me their seat over the course of the day. I did not take anyone up on their offer. I'm fine! I'm not an invalid! A hostess should not sit while the guests stand!

...so, monday? I found myself thinking, dang, this socks have never hurt before (you know, how some socks are just too tight? and every time you wear them, you think, why haven't I gotten rid of these socks yet? They're too tight! Yeah, never thought that with these socks before.) Finally, about halfway through my day, I could. not. take it anymore. I hiked up my pant leg and found this. THE HORROR:

My legs. My beautiful legs! COVERED WITH POLKA-DOTS!!! (please note: the pattern on the socks wasn't even raised. I could barely even see the outline when I flipped the sock inside out.)

Never in my life have I ever been so happy to take a pair of socks off at the end of the day.

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