Friday, December 31, 2010

Treadmill Deck Height

Since this appears to be, like, a big federal secret, I'm going to post the deck heights *I* got when I went out and measured treadmills myself. Obviously they're nowhere near exact, but for gods' sake, it is totally ridiculous that you can't find this information anywhere. The guy at the treadmill place told me the info is available for commercial models, but never for residential. This makes zero sense to me, since I've never seen a low-ceilinged gym, but I know plenty of people with older houses that don't have ten-foot ceilings in their basements.


According to the treadmill store, the Landice deck height is 4 7/8in. This is the shortest treadmill out there. It costs an arm and a freaking leg. Unfortunately, nothing else out there is nearly as short.

All the Nordic Track models I measured were TALL- 7-8in off the ground. There was one I did not bother measuring because it was even taller than the 8in model I measured. These are for people with McMansions, I think.

I measured a few ProForms and they were all in the 7.5in range. I currently have a ProForm which I LOVE, but it is also currently dismantled so I can't tell you the exact deck height on that one. The guy at the treadmill place said he thinks ProForms are crap. Of course he said that, they don't cost three grand. I will tell you that I USED that treadmill- as in, for running. Not for walking, and certainly not as a place to hang my clothes. It had zero problems, and if height isn't a concern, I'd recommend them. Your mileage may vary, no pun intended.

I measured one Sole treadmill (didn't get a model number) and got the deck height at just around 6.5-7in.

I didn't go to the Sports Authority to keep measuring, because I was tired and the writing was on the wall. The Landice appears to be the only usable treadmill for tall people with shallow basements.

Y'all are welcome. And to the treadmill makers: you'd probably sell a lot more treadmills if you would TELL people how tall your stupid treadmills are. Or maybe not, maybe you're banking on people going thru three treadmills before they find one that actually fits. I'd like to think not, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I've been going through the same thing and actually have an older Pro Form which had a "low enough" deck to fit in my basement. None of the more recent models do.

The only other model I've found that will fit is the Landice L7 which, as you said, is crazy expensive. Just nice to see that there are other people that would love manufactures to list this spec.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

no problem, glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add my thanks for this!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Crabby Apple....I"m one of those people...older home with ten foot ceilings, but only 6.5' basement height, so....guess what is the first, most important criteria!

Mark said...

Thanks for the height measurements. I never even thought about the deck measurement. What Is Right For Me said my ideal treadmill is also a proform. Even though cost does play in terms of quality, this will be used at home by me and my wife without stomping on it 12 hours a day.

- Mark

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the public service! We're both tall and we're trying to figure out what will fit in our basement. Apparently when they built houses before the 1980s, they figured no one taller than 6' would use the basement.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog Crabby! I cannot believe that info is not readily available as well. I have been like a scavenger online, trying to find a low deck treadmill that is not more than I want to spend!! I currently have a Proform that is 10" from the ground and I am short. So it is like trying to mount a bucking bronco and then moon-walking the walk. It feels way off from walking, say, the local track. BUMMER, and I spent $$$! Live and learn. Just wish I could find what I want! Any updates?? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

In addition.....I sure wish I could find a smaller overall frame and smaller running space as well. My sister has a Horizon Evolve which in now discontinued. : / The handles are an issue as well on most treadmills. They 'can' get in the way of 'free' walking. The 'Evolve' had a different handle. I swear if I had the money; I would need to have everything I desire, custom made!! LOL. : )