Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

I met a new friend today from inside my computer. She's a baby center person, from the March 2011 AMA (advanced-maternal age, hello, I'm old) board. She had twins, so she also had February babies. (and we found out later we were even in the hospital, on the same floor, at the same time. Crazy, right?!) It's cold and raw and disgusting in Chicago, so we went here. It was super crowded, the parking situation was terrible (the neighborhood is notoriously crowded), and I had the worst cup of decaf I've ever had in my life, but oh my. Grace was in HEAVEN. I wish I'd found it sooner, because even though she dozed in the car on the way there AND back, she still took a two and a half hour nap after lunch. We'll definitely be going back.

For the most part, the kids all shared space pretty well. Considering the age group and how crowded it was, I was really surprised there wasnt' more of a need for parental intervention. There was one kid, though, who wasn't playing super-well with others. He saw Gracie climbing the stairs to go down the slide, shoved her out of the way and said, "NO! MINE!", and then proceeded to stand at the top of the stairs and block her from even going up at all. I glanced around for his parent/nanny/responsible adult, and nobody came forward. I watched him act like that a few more times, and nothing. My new friend shrugged and said, "I think in places like this, all's fair in love and war. it's just part of the setting." And considering the fact that she has twins, that attitude is probably a very, very good thing. But...I disagree. Grace is one of those kids who MEANS to be good when she's playing with other kids, but she has a really poor sense of her body in space, so I have to really watch her to make sure she doesn't plow anyone over. The other day at the children's museum, she accidentally STOMPED another little girl's fingers before I could stop her. And while I would be totally appalled with any parent who went nuts over that, I also think I need to step in and show her that she hurt someone and needs to say she's sorry. I mean, they're all little, how can they learn to behave if we don't tell them? I also had to watch Grace like a hawk because she's a human garbage disposal and tried to eat like five random bags of goldfish and snacktrap contents that she found scattered throughout. I can't imagine that would have gone over very well.

On the flip side, when I set down an empty coffee cup next to my foot so I could lift her up to dunk a basketball, if someone else's kid comes running over and picks it up, I don't think that deserves the nasty look I got from their nanny. Because, seriously, the play space is a coffee shop. that's the idea. There are no garbage cans in the play space. It's NEXT TO MY FOOT. But then, maybe the other mom felt that way about her bully of a son? I really don't know. Just thinking out loud.

And speaking of twins (we were speaking of twins. Tangentially, anyway), one of my other friends linked me to this blog. (She knows her from her multiples group.) God bless her. Can you imagine? I think there are people in this world who are meant to have twins and people who aren't and I think you can ALL guess under category I FIRMLY fall. It's not just me being high-strung and far too inflexible for twins, there is also the fact that I don't give birth to newborns so much as miniature terrorists. I mean, CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Good night. I work with a woman whose first baby was born in December, second baby was born in March, and then had boy/girl twins in December. When she found out Katie was due in March, knowing that Grace was born in December, she said, "ohhh, and when you have your third, you'll have twins in December!" I threw my pen at her. I am not kidding you guys- if I ever got pregnant with December twins, you would all have to take turns staying in my house and hiding the sharp objects.

Consider yourselves warned.

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Katie said...

I'm pretty sure Grace is the female equivalent of Asher in terms of park play. That totally sounds like our play date experience yesterday.