Saturday, October 1, 2011

Add it to the list

As if it weren't bad enough when I started flagrantly disregarding allergy rules?

Today I let Katie eat tortilla chips off the floor.  At someone else's house.  And acknowledged she was doing it.  And when my friend offered to clean them up, I rolled my eyes and said, "Nah.  She's fine."

Dude.  I let her eat off the floor and didn't pretend to be horrified. 

(in my defense: I happen to know for a fact that the rug she was eating them off of was probably cleaner than any plate in my house.  if I'd wanted chips myself, I would have happily picked up a few and eaten them, too.)


Megan M said...

you crack me up...this goes along with when austin drops his paci on the ground and I wash it by popping into my mouth first...

rebekah said...

I swear our lack of crazy sanitizing has kept H from getting sick. We wipe things off, but we never freaked out over a stolen floor pretzel/dropped pacifier etc. She's only ever had to go to the ped for well checks and eczema (which you can actually already see in those delivery room photos we talked about before...) My friends who obsessively follow the allergy and sterilization rules now have kids with celiac and serious allergies. Obviously there is quite a bit of luck/coincidence in there, and exclusive breastfeeding, but mostly I blame my lack of perfect momminess.