Sunday, December 25, 2011

Geriatric Baby

Look at this gorgeous girl.

Guess what?  SHE NEVER SLEEPS OMFG.  She USED to sleep, she was even sleeping through the night!  Routinely!  Her naps sucked eggs, and that is annoying, to be sure, but nothing new.  I have PRACTICE with this, I know what to do!  And then she got the Virus That Ate Cleveland, and as soon as she lost the boogery coating on her nose (sorry, gross, I know, but it was really impressive), she finally, finally, finally started to get her two bottom teeth.  And so she wakes up before 5am every day and barely naps at all and anyway, even if she DID take good naps, it's been so dang busy around here I couldn't take advantage of it anyway.  Today she woke up from her afternoon nap after just an hour (after waking at 4:45 and taking a twenty minute morning nap).  I knew she needed to sleep, but I couldn't nap with her on the couch today because we had Christmas celebrations to attend, so I sat with her in the glider while she napped with her favorite pacifier (moi).  I passed out cold sitting upright in the glider with my mouth hanging open.  It was really hott.  Anyway.  No sleep.

But teeth!  FINALLY!  Way to go, baby.

There was also the matter of Baby's First Christmas, which was as impressive to her as it ever is to any baby.  Her sister had fun, though, and I had fun dressing them in matching pajamas and feeding them too much candy.

We only have two months left with a Baby, before she becomes a Toddler.  And I could go on and on about "ZOMG WHERE DOES THE TIME GO", but I think that all goes without saying.  On the plus side: only two more months of pumping!  Because seriously, sooo sick of feeling like a dairy cow.  On the minus side: weaning is going to be a seeeerious bitch.  I had a hard enough time the last time I weaned a baby (seriously, wtf, , why does nobody talk about weaning hormones?  holy suck, they are HORRIBLE and nobody warns you!  at all!  so you feel like you're probably going crazy but you're totally not it's just the world's biggest SECRET that they let you find out all on your own!), but this baby?  I cannot possibly explain to you clearly enough how much she loves the bewbs.  And before you even tell me I don't have to wean at a year, I do know that people don't have to wean at a year.  However, *I* have to wean at a year.  So.  It is going to be difficult and sucky and within a five minute span, I rapidly cycle between being TOTALLY THRILLED to have my body entirely to myself a little bit and TOTALLY ANXIOUS about how much the whole process is going to suck eggs.

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Max's Mommy said...

She is gorgeous. :)

And pumping. Good lord, I hate the pumping.