Thursday, December 8, 2011


I know this is where I'm supposed to weep and gnash my teeth and ask where the last three years have gone.

But...sorry.  Three seems totally, totally right.

She looks like a three-year-old, right?  And she really acts like one, which is awesome and infuriating and hilarious and have I mentioned potty training lately?  Yeah, well, let's just keep not mentioning that business. 

Not to beat a dead horse here, but I'm pretty sure she's the world's awesomest big sister.

 She loves to match colors (and has to announce it to you- "See?  It's a match!")  She walks up the stairs one at a time, instead of putting both feet on each step at the same time.  She is starting to fight me on napping (we are not even going to discuss this right now.  Carry on nothing to see here lalaLALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.)  She is not the eater she used to be, but as three year olds go, she's a freaking gourmand.  At the very least, I have no worries about her developing scurvy, which puts her ahead of most of her peers.

And, like I said, I feel like I'm supposed to be shocked that she's old enough to operate a remote control car (and serve as a human tunnel for it to drive through), but, I don't know.  It seems exactly right.


 This song was on an LL Bean commercial that seemed to be running on continuous loop the whole month of December 2008.  I think it must have played a lot in the evenings, when she was screaming a lot and I *swear* I was doing some kind of freaky post-partum sundowning (well, except substitute anxiety/borderline panic for confusion), because after awhile, that commercial would come on and I would instantly taste bile.  After awhile though, it started to remind me of the (admittedly rare) good moments in those early days.  And after that, it just reminded me of becoming a mom.  I listened to it a lot after Katie was born, too, which kind of cemented the association.  And I try not to listen to it too often (in spite of being a really awesome sun about the suckitude of winter), because I don't ever want that association to wear off.  Because now it makes me happy, in a weird way.  I didn't think I would ever want to dwell on those early days, and I didn't think I would ever want to have any kind of detailed memories.  But now that I really DON'T?  Now that it's all fuzzy and distant?  All I remember is that one day I wasn't a mom, and then the next day I was, and I got this awesome little girl as part of the deal.

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