Friday, December 23, 2011

This had fail written all over it.

Sometimes, I do things because I think I want to, even though, if I really thought about it, I would know that I actually did not.  Some other times, I do things that I KNOW I do not want to do, but I feel obligated to do because I'm worried I'll regret it if I do NOT.

Going to the mall to see Santa less than a week before Christmas with a three year old and a baby?  That would be the latter.  Especially after last year, which I apparently didn't blog about!  When I risked a car nap to drive to the mall, only to find a totally creepy, silent Santa, and a douchebag photographer who was so busy talking to his friend, he never took ANY picture at ALL.  (I ended up getting the Gabs an egg roll and apple juice for lunch in the food court, so she was just fine with the way things turned out, but me, not so much). 

So yeah, this year I was not so excited.  Gracie is old enough to understand Santa, though, and I just felt like I would regret it if I didn't have that picture so FINE, I'll go I'll go I'll go.  Maureen told me there was a really great-looking Santa with no wait at this mall, so FINE. 

The thing is, that mall has the worst, most obnoxious, stupidly engineered parking lot EVER.  So when I pulled in and could barely even make it to a parking spot, I was nervous.  When I finally parked and saw the hordes of people walking in to the mall, I started sending out whiny texts about how much it was going to suck.  When I had to strap Katie to my chest and push Gracie the length of the mall in a crappy umbrella stroller, I was DONE. 

So.  I mean.  SOMETIMES I'm wrong.

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