Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Almost-Offer

Over the last week, we've had five showings. We had one today immediately before the baby shower at Stephen's mom's house. I really thought it went well, the client AND the agent were absolutely gushing about how cool the unit is, how great the skylights are, how the train noise isn't so bad, and on and on. I was trying very hard not to get excited. Then Stephen came back upstairs with Sam and reported that the conversation in the lobby was quite different- we're only top five, he liked the one on Ashland better, he liked "the first one" (not us), etc etc. Great. I pouted all the way to his mom's house. (this probably does not sound like BAD news, but trust me, in today's market, being top five, you might as well be top 100, it's meaningless, it's worthless, they're not going to make an offer.)

I had already called my mom to say the showing went well, so when we walked in and saw her, I was gearing up to tell her how I wrong I was. Except I couldn't, because she was on the phone, clearly discussing real estate. As she hung up, I said, "well, I thought it went well, but it really didn't." She cut off my whining to say, "That's the agent from yesterday, he's emailing me an offer."

When Stephen and I finished peeing ourselves, he took her to his mom's computer to get the offer. Oh yeah, the agent messed up the .pdf conversion and the file couldn't be opened. My mom immediately called the guy back and told him what happened. He said he'd be out of the office for an hour and a half or so, but that he'd resend it, and gave her the rough details of the offer. Low offer, but not as low as we'd both expected. Super late closing date of November 23rd- not good, we'd definitely try to change that, but if it was non-negotiable, it wouldn't be a deal-breaker.


It's now almost 10pm, and the other agent never sent the offer again. Stephen is totally convinced the buyers changed their minds. I'm mixed, but when I called my mom to ask what she thought, she did not say what I wanted her to say. Which was, of course, "Don't be ridiculous Kathy, he's just busy/being a douchebag/whatever else might have happened." She said, "Well, I hope not, and I don't think so, but I can't promise you anything. And if that's the case, then they're not the right buyer anyway, they would've pulled this in a week after we'd gone to contract, and that would be worse, so it's better for it to happen now."

A few counterpoints to that:

1- There is no such thing as a wrong buyer at this point. We'd sell to ANYONE who wanted to give us money. I mean, seriously.
2- How 'bout it just not happen at all? How 'bout they make an offer, go thru inspection and atty review, and then closing???

So now Stephen is entirely resigned to this deal being off the table. I think it's probably the right attitude, because it doesn't really do any good to be hopeful, but I'm having a hard time just giving up on it. The agent WAS a total douchebag yesterday, I wouldn't put it past him to just put it off until tomorrow. Maybe he didn't feel like doing it today. maybe this is a bargaining tactic and he wants to make us sweat so we're more likely to accept anything they bring to the table.

It's all pretty unlikely. I know it's a buyer's market, but realistically, if you're serious about making an offer, you make an offer, you don't make put it together, send it, and then ignore any problems with it until the next day. It's better to just write it off...right?

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