Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mysteries of the Universe

Mystery the First:

Why did they stop making Underoos? You KNOW kids didn't stop wanting them. Why did they stop making them? It makes no sense.

Mystery the Second:

If you didn't grow up on Star Wars, is Darth Vader still an objectively terrifying figure? With the ridiculous helmet and black swooping cape? I don't think I know anyone who can answer that for me. Maybe one of the toddlers we've hired recently as new nurses? Except, even they probably grew up on Star Wars, watching it on tv and video, if their parents cared at all about their cultural development. Must investigate further.

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diedendidit said...

I feel like underoos (I had Wonder Woman, of course) somehow just morphed into the character underwear phenomenan. I mean, we pretty much had the option of underwear in an assortment of pastels (or white) and then Underoos came along and revolutionized the whole underwear wearing experience. Now, they can have whoever and whatever on their undies and I feel like we owe that to Underoos. As to why specifically kids can no longer have full super hero regalia on underneath, I'm not sure.