Friday, September 19, 2008

So here's a funny story.

A month or so ago, I came back from the gym to find Stephen sitting on the couch with the sheepiest of sheepish looks on his face.

"...what?" I asked him.
"Wellll, I have to tell you a story."

Turns out he was outside with Sam when he saw two young guys with hoodies pulled up, shaking cans of spray paint, ducking around the building. Our building gets tagged a LOT. They set of Stephen's radar (um, maybe the spray paint?), and before he could think it through, he started running after the guys. With our huge dog. The two guys took off running and Stephen came inside, satisfied he'd chased them off.

Oh yeah. They were coming into our garage, and the spray paint was for a dresser they'd stripped and were repainting.

Ok, first of all, hee. I mean, nobody got hurt, and it's kind of funny. (kind of really funny, but maybe only to us? Cops and nurses have sick senses of humor.) Having said that, I was also annoyed with him and reminded him about the safety (or more accurately, lack thereof) of running after people on the street when he's not actually working, not to mention the fact that he was chasing after two innocent guys. He just kept saying they'd set him off, they weren't acting right, etc.


I should listen to my husband more often. (crap, did I just say that out loud?!)

Remember the signs about the stolen hockey equipment? It was traced back to the spray painters!! Apparently, the owner of the hockey equipment filed a police report, and while the police were searching the area, they spotted the hockey equipment in the back of a truck. They traced it, somehow, to these two guys who were renting in the building, and long story short, they totally stole the hockey equipment! There were also two bikes stolen from the building in the same time frame. Nobody's proven they took those, but come on. Occam's razor and all.

So the boy has instincts. I still don't like him chasing after people off-duty, but I have to give him that.


diedendidit said...

Somewhere deep down he knew they were guilty of something...maybe not tagging, but something. Gotta trust those instincts. And, the good news is Stephen told me he doesn't read your blog (because he lives it), so he may never see that you said you should listen to him more often.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Ok, laughing hysterically here...Stephen doesn't read my blog because he keeps forgetting I have one. Potato, potahto, but it still makes me laugh.