Monday, October 6, 2008

Curse you, McDonalds.

I think my most consistent pregnancy addiction has been McDonald's plain vanilla ice cream in a cup, no topping. I've had some that came and went- Chipotle, lemonade, cold cereal (well, that one actually got so expensive I got annoyed and just stopped, but anyway), a few others I can't remember. But I've been wanting their ice cream the whole time. Well, not really. I'd STRONGLY prefer chocolate ice cream, because vanilla, as we all know, is a synonym for "plain" or "unflavored". However, chocolate is only an option in shake-form, and while the plain ice cream has a reasonable amount of calories and fat, making it a reasonable every day treat, the chocolate shake has neither, being a once-in-awhile, oh-my-god-I-can't-resist kind of treat. So. Plain vanilla ice cream it is. In a cup, because I think it's unbecoming to lick an ice cream cone at work. (oh yeah, there's also the convenience factor, it's right here in the hospital. I'll refrain from editorializing on the appropriateness of a McDonald's being located inside a childrens hospital, particularly in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but you can guess where I stand on that. ANYWAY.)

I'm already quite confident the people who work at McDonalds make fun of me when I'm not around and call me Ice Cream Lady. And they see me coming and they're like, godDAMN, it's ice cream lady again. She never wants her receipt and she never takes any damn peanuts, so we have all these extra peanuts, and then we run out of ice cream.

Whatever, too bad, I want ice cream, they can make fun of me all they want. But today? I went for my cold cup of deliciousness, and the bastards had the audacity to be CLEANING THE MACHINE.

I totally take this personally, because I'm there at the same time every day, and you just KNOW they were like, "Ooh, ice cream lady's coming, put the machine on 'wash'!" Those of you who think I'm either kidding or paranoid never worked in foodservice, because, let me tell you, we absolutely do those things.

Five minutes, they said. SO I said I'd go back. And oh, believe me, I WILL, that ice cream will be MINE, oh yes it will. Ice Cream Lady will remain unvanquished. (Ok, I guess I'm partially vanquished, since I currently have no ice cream. whatever.)

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