Wednesday, October 29, 2008

no mortgage

We got a letter from our buyer's attorney today. They need an extension on the mortgage contingency because they don't have a mortgage yet.

WE CHECKED THIS. My mom called their loan officer before we went to contract, and was assured they would have no trouble getting a loan. We checked.

We've jumped through every hoop they've presented to us (except for replacing the ceiling, which, seriously, you really asked for that???). I realize that people are sometimes shocked these days when they can't get a loan. I realize standards are a bit more stringent. But I think if you go to contract on a condo and act as obnoxious as our buyers have, and you can't even get a damn loan, you are the biggest loser on the planet. LOSER.

Our attorney is supposed to get in touch with their attorney today and find out exactly what the problem is. We're hoping our loser asshole buyers are just holding out for rates to drop after election day. It's the only possible good answer we could get. Otherwise, I hope they get run over by a bus. Slowly.


Rae said...

WTF! Are they first time buyers?

Crabby Apple Seed: said...



My mom talked to their loan officer who said they're fully approved and ready to go, so we have no idea what the hold up is. When we heard THAT, we felt better initially, but in that case, what's the hold up???

We're still ordering our new couch tomorrow though, so I guess we're feeling optimistic.