Monday, July 20, 2009

Gracie's First Vacation: a Success! (no, really!!)

Ever since G was born and showed us just how strong her opinions on life are (already!), I've been nervous about her first vacation. A family trip to Saugatuck was the perfect starting point- help from the parents, lots of people dying to meet her and hold her and play with her, no airports involved, no "trapped in a metal tube in the sky, surrounded by strangers who are not required by DNA to love her"'s perfect!

Getting ready to hit the road was beyond stressful- it stinks enough when you forget something important of your own, but I got this idea in my head that I would forget the most important thing we needed for her, resulting in travel disaster and an entirely ruined weekend. (apparently I thought we were travelling to a corner of Greenland or something, and wouldn't have any way of finding replacements for whatever we forgot?)

Grace wasn't fond of the trip there. We hit hideous traffic and the drive was nearly twice as long as usual, which she did not enjoy. We stopped about halfway there to get snacks, let her stretch her legs (and, of course, practice her driving skills), and then got back on the road.

Once we got there, we checked into the hotel my parents found, which was the perfect set-up. It was more like a large B&B, so there was a great common area right down the hall from our room and access to a frig, both things that made the trip much easier.

She slept shockingly well while we were there- only woke up once friday night and slept until 6am Chicago time- a minor miracle. Saturday night, she woke up twice, but still slept til 6am. She also took a great nap saturday morning. Since my biggest fear was that she wouldn't sleep, this was huge.

It was so cool to go back to Saugatuck, my favorite place in the whole wide world as a little kid, and bring my own little kid. Going to all the same places, walking down the same streets, lunch at the Butler, and taking her on first boat ride, it was a really great weekend. Well. G didn't agree about the boat ride being really great, but I think she enjoyed the rest.

Of course, last night's sleep was atrocious, but I think it's just because she thought the trip was too short. I just might have an adventurer on my hands.


Max's Mommy said...

Oh my God-she is so cute! So glad it went well for you guys!

The Blanton's said...

YAY for a great trip! I wish they would make baby life jackets more comfy! HEHE