Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is that "Taps" I hear?

Ah, swing. I feel a stronger tie to you than any inanimate object since...well, ever. You are the only reason we didn't jump off the roof or sell our daughter to the gypsies. You gave us thirty to ninety minutes of peace every evening. You gave us our very first three hour stretch of sleep after G was born. You were our failsafe- we never had to panic, if worse came to worst, "we can put her in the swing."

It's funny how scared I was to have to break her swing habit, only to find she mostly broke it herself. (I was also worried about using it too much because what if she found herself all swung out and the swing stopped working?! We'd DIE!!!) One day, I came home from work to find her in the swing, toes just at the edge. I looked in the manual, and she was still within the size range, but between those edge-tickling toes and the fact that we had to crank it ALL the way up to the highest setting to make it swing at all, it seemed like a losing battle. Anyway, she was starting to go to bed earlier, eliminating swing time, and was finding the exersaucer, and later the jumper, a lot more fun anyway. Also, the world was maybe not such a hideous place after all. And so she didn't need the swing anymore.

It sat in the living room for two and a half more months. Mostly because we had better things to do than take it apart and put it away. But was sad! Our best friend, our little battery-powered nanny, getting taken apart and stuffed into black plastic bags, shoved into the garage rafters, to be used by the next baby (who please dear god don't let that baby need it as much as she did, please please please). Finally, today, I bit the bullet and took it apart. It was taking up too much room and she's definitely too big to use it anyway. Let us have a moment of silence for our dear, temporarily departed friend.

(G isn't nearly as emotional about this as I am)

PS- Yes, I know her jumper was too low. I took her out and raised it as soon as I took these pictures. Priorities and all.

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