Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our first weekend of potty training

Or, the depths of my laziness: Come, stare into the abyss.

We had a rather inauspicious beginning on saturday, when we went into the bathroom and she tripped over the potty chair and cried for "whiiiite" (her name for bacitracin, which she insists she needs for every owie). Doh. My first misstep occurred only seconds later, when I REALLY talked up her big girl pants as I diapered her for a trip to Target (don't you judge me, this wasn't a recreational trip, it was actually extremely necessary and could not be skipped). She completely refused her dipe and insisted on the big girl pants.

You have never, ever seen me blaze through Target so fast. It's probably a STELLAR budgeting move.

The rest of the morning was a total dream, not a single accident. I did notice she was probably not going all the way, because she'd go, and then ten minutes later, be able to go again- it seemed like she was going for the marshmallow reward and not really caring if she actually stayed dry or not. Then she had like, eleventy bajillion accidents and I just...kind of gave up for the evening. I know, right?! Tooootally the wrong thing. I'm TIRED, sue me. I did use pull-ups at nap time and in the evening while friends were here, even though I don't believe in them (why bother taking them out of dipes if you're gonna put them in absorbent pants?), and told her they were special big girl naptime pants. I don't really think she noticed one way or another, because she's used to going back and forth between sposies and cloth (more on that in a sec). We had similar luck at my parents' house today, although she only had one accident (and one on-purpose because she's gonna have some issues with one particular bodily function and look, I don't mean to be obtuse or anything, I just don't wanna get gross here.) She wore a pull-up home in the car and she did pee in it, so that counts as another accident. She wouldn't go before we left and I wanted to get home and also see above re: lazy. I am just not cut out for potty training.

Her trainers have cupcakes and flowers on them, and her pull-ups have princesses, so I told her she had to be very careful to NOT pee on her cupcakes/flowers/princesses, because they did not like that. She had fun repeating that back to me, but I'm not sure she actually registered what I was saying to her.

There's this whole MYTH out there that kids who wear cloth dipes potty train earlier, and I guess I shouldn't call it a myth, because maybe it's a truth that G just deviates from (which would be typical, we ARE talking about Grace here), but yeah. There was once this bit on The Simpsons (I'm pretty sure it was the Simpsons), where they talk about midnight basketball programs, and how they're supposed to keep kids off the street but really just turned them into super strong ultra athletes who could fight that much harder. That is so totally what happened with cloth diapering and Grace- it made her utterly immune to having wet pants up against her butt. *sigh*. FAIL.

So, we'll see what happens. I've kinda lost steam on the whole thing. Which is pretty ridiculous since it's not like potty training is an overnight event. Meh. It's hard to find the motivation when it's not something I was excited about in the first place.


Max's Mommy said...

Oh I totally feel you. I haven't really been proactive AT ALL because it seems pointless to fight the inevitable. They'll get there...eventually. Right?

Jessica said...

We are totally in the same boat. I bought pull ups today s we'll see. Ugh.