Sunday, January 22, 2012


Lately, G has taken to asking me, "Mama?  You wanna color wif me?"  and "Mama?  You wanna pway stickers wif me?" and last but definitely not least, "Mama?  You wanna dance wif me?"

And I could be in the middle of, like, performing coronary bypass surgery, and I would have to drop it all immediately and color, play stickers, or dance.

(right here, there should be a video of Grace singing and dancing along to Cinderella, but of course, tonight she SENSED she was being recorded and instead ran laps around the first floor of the house.)


Donna said...

oh I love this!!! She is so adorable!!! I want to color and dance wif her too! in fact i think liam and brendan have a tues or thurs day off soon in feb. i will check and see if we can meet up!

Max's Mommy said...