Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have a baby for one more month.  After that: Toddler City.

And, you know, time flies blah blah blah...but what really made me realize how fast time has gone by?  I was saying I got pregnant with Grace nearly four years ago, and I thought, that can't be right, I was just blogging about that the other day...NOPE.  Almost a year ago.

Anyway: KATIE.

She no longer requires the assistance of this friendly lion to walk all over the house.  She is juuuust beyond the Frankenstein stage, now she's more at the stage where it looks like the floor is sticky.  You know what I mean?  When they kind of haltingly pick up their feet?  Like that.

She loves getting into things.  She's doing a lot more imitative play lately, which is really awesome.  She tries to brush her hair, and today, when she saw me dusting her changing table with a diaper wipe (they do an excellent job, in case you're wondering.  of course, her changing table is particle board, if you have actual wood with an actual finish, your mileage may vary), shetook one out of the box, and proceeded to do the same.  It still shocks me when she does it, because wtf, she thinks she's people!

She does not enjoy the snow.  That's my girl.  Gracie will win her over to the dark side soon, I think, because of all the things Katie loves, she loves her sister the most of all.

Although probably this is a really close second:


One more month.  The countdown starts!


Bobbi Sharp said...

Awe... Love the baby dance!

Rae said...

The pink snowsuit and that sourpuss. Why is her misery so adorable?