Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Keep Some Pants on the Kid

This morning, we were all sitting around/playing in our pajamas, when Gracie slammed her knees together and said, "mama?  I pee in my pants..." and hobbled to the bathroom.  We took her pajama pants off, and I thought to myself, I should go get her some pants or a tutu* or something...but laziness won out, and I figured, we're gonna take a shower soon anyway, and she's perfectly happy, so whatever.

She and Katie were goofing around when Katie suddenly started laughing hysterically.  I looked more closely, and realized that Katie was sitting up on the trampoline, with her face smashed against the mesh, while Gracie was lying underneath it shrieking, "PEEKY-BOO!!!!  PEEKY-BOO!!" 

omfg.  My head exploded a little bit from the cuteness.

I ran and got the camera and dashed back into the room, where I realized that there was no way to capture it without also capturing Grace's dupa. 


*tutus = potty-training MAGIC.  don't ask me WHY so many kids are incapable of staying dry if there is a stitch of clothing on their butts, but  the tutu lets them be nakey while also decent AND they love them, so they don't want to get pee on them.  Gracie is currently the proud owner of five tutus.  Yes, five.  I GIVE YOU THIS ADVICE FOR FREE.


Rae said...

I hope Gerald likes tutus.

Donna said...

Oh Kathy, that picture is so, so precious.

Donna said...

Actually, I meant to post this on the last post, where there was a picture, instead of this post, where there was not, but while I'm here I have to gives Rae's comment a Facebook LIKE. :o)

Kristen said...

Nate won't potty train.
Nate loves a tutu.
Kathy's advice.

Casey said...

Both of my kids love tutus and it is potty training hell week... Let's see if this works, so far nothing else has.