Saturday, February 4, 2012


Poor K-Mae.

This kid has seriously spent 2/3 of our (totally mild! extremely pleasant!) winter with one virus or another.  And again, this week, she is fighting the crud, complete with scorching fevers.

Grace, being the oldest, was never sick at this age.  But on the very rare occasions when she was, you would never guess it.  I can't tell you how many times I scooped her up and realized, once my hands were firmly in her armpits, that she had a raging fever.  She was eating, playing, acting like Grace, never missing a beat.  Katie?  Well, just as she's been since before she was born, is a complete and total drama queen.  We should have named her Camille, the way this kid acts when she's sick.  She cries and moans and refuses to eat and hurls herself on the floor and stays up all night and is not sure, but thinks it's entirely possible she needs to be hospitalized.  Perhaps in the ICU.  This kid, I am TELLING you.

...and of course, as soon as I had all of those thoughts, I decided to take a second look in her ears, since she keeps getting these damn fevers.  And, so, yeah- you DO know her left ear looks crappy to me, right?  Mind you, there is a junkload of wax in there, and it's possible it's just benign fluid (I never have been good at telling the difference between that and an actual otitis, and I am pretty sure nobody else can tell either, they just like to mess with me and say the opposite of whatever I guess), but if she has an actual ear infection, she trumps Gracie right there, who has never, ever had one.  BUT!  Still! Katie's been sick plenty of times that did not involve ear infections and she acted just like this so don't think I'm mean because I'm not.

Yes I am.  But this is not an example of that.


Max's Mommy said...

Awwwww that face!


Jilly said...

That hat!!!

Donna said...

Sick babies - so sad, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gerald still had an ear infection when we took him for his f/u after Christmas. He was a perfectly happy, smiley, joyful baby with an infection in both ears Kids just react differently to different infections. Heck, adults do as well. I get a temperature of 99.9 and I'm fairly certain the end is near; but can whether a stomach bug like a hangnail. And feel better, Katie!

Laura said...

poor baby. :(